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A Great Loss to American Womanhood, c. February 18, 1898

This article discusses the life and death of Frances Willard.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Feb 18th, 1898

Brilliants From Francis E. Willard

Frances E. Willard writes of religion and moral responsibility promoted by the Women's Christian Temperance Union. She believes that teaching ethics is critical to any educational system and in this book she outlines some of her moral beliefs.

Collection: Object Collection

Lake Bluff Leaflet, No. 1, August 8-22, 1882

This leaflet provides the statement of views and platform of the 1882 Lake Bluff Convocation, a meeting of temperance leaders from across the country led by Frances Willard. It also includes two articles, one written by Willard and the other by A.J. Jutkins.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Aug 8th, 1882 - Aug 22nd, 1882

New Member Binder, Page 101

This binder page features information about the history of Alpha Phi Fraternity.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 2002

New Member Binder, Page 91

This binder page features a history of the first alumna initiate.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 2002

Theta Chapter Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook, Page 5

This scrapbook page features two newspaper clippings, one announces Edith E. Cleaver's engagement and the other highlights a portrait painting of Frances E. Willard.

Collection: Theta Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1938

Woman's Christian Temperance Union Spoon

Collection: Object Collection