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Story #009: Lollipop Sales

In celebration of Alpha Phi’s 150th Anniversary in 2022, we proudly share stories and moments that have created the legacy of sisterhood originally launched by our ten founders and which we still hold dear today.

This is story 9 of 150.

Lollipop Sales

In 1946, Alpha Phi Fraternity selected cardiac aid as its first philanthropy. Alpha Phi Foundation was formed ten years later, and initially focused more on scholarship and student advancement. Over the years, Alpha Phis found a variety of ways to bring awareness for and financial support related to heart disease to the forefront of women’s minds. Alumnae, in particular, were generous in their support of the emphasis on heart health.

Some of these efforts were part of a collaboration with the American Heart Association. At the 1966 Convention, Alpha Phi was awarded the American Heart Association “Heart and Torch Award,” and received additional honors from the nonprofit at the Centennial Convention in 1972.

The most popular fundraiser for Cardiac Aid in the 1960s and 1970s was the lollipop sale. Each February, for American Heart Month, which was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, Alpha Phis sold thousands of heart-shaped lollipops. During this time, through the lollipop sales and other various philanthropic projects, Alpha Phi raised more than $1 million for cardiac projects.

Fun for collegians and alumnae alike, the lollipop sales offered a way to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our hearts on our mind, and along the way the fundraising project became a beloved tradition for many of our sisters.

Chapter members have fond memories of lollipop sales, but it is the time together in support of women’s heart health that sticks with us and keeps us motivated to support cardiac research and encourage healthy behaviors.