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Eta Tau

SUNY Cortland

Apr 30th, 1989

Founding Date

Installation details (if installed prior to 1922, see History Book Volume I): 

In September 1989, Lynda Rettagliata began an interest group with six other women at SUNY Cortland. The group merged with another interest group to form a group of sixteen women. They were known as the Cortland College Interest Group. The sixteen women reviewed sororities and sent out interest letters to three groups.  After meeting with an Alpha Phi Field Consultant, Laura Malley-Schmitt (Zeta Phi-MIT), the group decided they wanted to affiliate with Alpha Phi but before doing so, there was much work to be done. The 16 women held informative meetings on campus to introduce themselves and meet other potential members. Two formal interviews of 65 women were conducted of which 50 women were selected to join the Interest Group. The Interest Group worked with other Greek organizations to support their philanthropies. On December 15, 1989, the Interest Group submitted their petition to become affiliated with Alpha Phi. One of the charter goals was to have 80 initiates. Within two months, the new chapter held recruitment events resulting in a total of additional 70 women being recruited. 


The chapter was installed on April 30, 1989, with over 120 initiates. The traditional installation presentations were made by Brenda Munch (Delta-Cornell) and Mary Caroll (Delta Omega-Minnesota State Moorhead). On behalf of the Alpha Phi Foundation, Brenda presented a check for $1,000 to a representative of the Cortland Memorial Hospital. Brenda also presented the sapphire scholarship badge to Lisa Anne Corrado, Eta Tau scholarship chairman.


Installing officers: International Vice President Alumnae Mary Berkmoes Peterson (Delta Omega-Minnesota State Moorhead)