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International Fraternity Finances

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1978 Convention Phyllis Sims Selig Keynote Address Cassette Tape

This cassette tape from the 1978 Convention features a speech from International President Phyllis Sims Selig and a performance of Alpha Phi songs by the Convention choir.

Collection: Audio-Visual Collection
Date: 1978

Alpha Phi Expense Account of Founders Day, September 30, 1902

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Sep 30th, 1902

Betty Mullins Jones Oral History Interview, August 28, 1974

International President Betty Mullins Jones remembers her triumphs and shortcomings during her time as President, focusing specifically on the turmoil Alpha Phi and the entire fraternity system faced in the 1960s.

Collection: Audio-Visual Collection
Date: Aug 28th, 1974

Recommendations on Amendments and New Resolutions, June 25, 2002

This booklet urges Alpha Phi members to vote against proposed amendments that will enact the Carver-Policy Governance model and change the governance structure of the International Fraternity Board from a board with elected officers to a board with hired officers. This booklet also proposes new amendments to improve Alpha Phi's governance and financial policies.

Collection: Alpha Phi Digitization Days Collection
Date: Jun 25th, 2002

Report of Secretary Treasurer, 1938

Eileen Kinnane Doonan writes about the financial status of Alpha Phi Fraternity between the 1936 Convention and the 1938 Convention.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1938

Report of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 1938

Edna Sweeley Talley writes about the work of the board of trustees with managing Alpha Phi finances.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1938

Stanley T. Kusper Jr. Refund Receipt, September 15, 1975

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Sep 15th, 1975

Sue Swarzman Marketing Presentation Video, September 23, 1989

Beta Chapter alumna Sue Swarzman, who has a successful career in marketing, advises the Executive Board on better strategies to increase alumnae involvement, specifically through donations to the capital campaign.

Collection: Audio-Visual Collection
Date: Sep 23rd, 1989

Unknown to Mary Note, c. 1970s

This note features several thoughts about Alpha Phi's current financial situation.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1970 - 1979