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Massie, Linda Gardner

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Alpha Phi Convention Candlelight Banquet Program, June 25, 2016

This program from the 2016 Convention Candlelight Banquet lists the speakers at the event and the awards to be given.

Collection: Beta Mu Chapter Archive Collection
Date: Jun 25th, 2016

Alpha Phi Foundation Changing Women's Lives Certificate, 1994-1995

This award recognizes Epsilon Beta Chapter for changing women's lives by supporting the Alpha Phi Foundation in 1994-1995.

Collection: Epsilon Beta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 1994 - 1995

Alpha Phi International Fraternity Academic Excellence Award - Highest GPA Certificate, July 1998

This certificate honors Epsilon Beta Chapter with the Academic Excellence Award, Highest GPA for the 1996-1998 biennium. It was presented at the 1998 Convention.

Collection: Epsilon Beta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: Jul 1998

Beta Epsilon Chapter 70th Anniversary Certificate, 1996

This certificate recognizes Beta Epsilon Chapter on its 70th anniversary.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 1996

College Honors, 1973: East Carolina

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1973

Convention '94 Honors Alumnae Magazine Clipping, Fall 1994

This clipping from the Fall 1994 issue of the Quarterly features the alumnae award winners from the 1994 Convention.

Collection: Beta Beta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 1994

Decades of Excellence: 65th Biennial Convention Collegiate Awards Program, 2004

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 2004

Jan Dearth Convention Initiation Photograph, June 23, 1994

A group of alumnae who attended Jan Dearth's alumna initiation ceremony pose together at the 1994 Convention.

Collection: Alpha Phi Digitization Days Collection
Date: Jun 23rd, 1994

Linda Gardner Massie to Corinne Letter, September 21, 2010

Alpha Phi Foundation Chair Linda Gardner Massie writes to Corinne Jones Schaeffer and asks her to remember Alpha Phi and support the Alpha Phi Foundation through a gift.

Collection: Object Collection
Date: Sep 21st, 2010

Recommendations on Amendments and New Resolutions, June 25, 2002

This booklet urges Alpha Phi members to vote against proposed amendments that will enact the Carver-Policy Governance model and change the governance structure of the International Fraternity Board from a board with elected officers to a board with hired officers. This booklet also proposes new amendments to improve Alpha Phi's governance and financial policies.

Collection: Alpha Phi Digitization Days Collection
Date: Jun 25th, 2002

Six Past International Presidents Photograph, 1995

Past International Presidents (front, left to right) Mary Boyd, Nancy DeVoe, (back, left to right) Sally Grant, Phyllis Selig, Linda Massie, and Mary Adams pose together.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1995