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Epsilon Delta

Mar 22nd, 1969



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Alpha Phi Foundation Heart to Heart Awards Program, June 28, 2002

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Jun 28th, 2002

Alpha Phi Foundation: $61,000 Awarded in Scholarships

This article lists the recipients of various Foundation scholarships. Photographs of the majority of the women are included.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1987

Alumnae Life: Marriages & Births, Fall 1987, Continued

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1987

Alumnae Life: Scholarships Anyone?

This article profiles Michele Chlapecka Vergoth, an alumna who works to help match students with scholarships. It includes a photograph of Vergoth.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1987

Barb Melchert to Field Secretaries Memo, November 13, 1973

Melchert writes the 1973 Field Secretaries and provides updates on the recent work of each.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Nov 13th, 1973

Beta Epsilon Chapter 70th Anniversary Certificate, 1996

This certificate recognizes Beta Epsilon Chapter on its 70th anniversary.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 1996

Fraternity Directory, Fall 1973

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1973

Meet Our Volunteers

This article spotlights 11 district governors and district alumnae chairmen and includes photographs of each.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1987

Patty Hendrickson District Governor Badge, 1990

This district governor badge first belonged to Denise Reens, who gifted it to Patty Hendrickson.

Collection: Alpha Phi Digitization Days Collection

The Alpha Phi International Fraternity Directory, Fall 1987

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1987

The Facts Newsletter, Issue 15, Fall 1981

This newsletter on chapter operations, written by Chapter Operations Manager Jinny Anderson, congratulates chapters who met their recruitment quotas and provides updates on the Alpha Phi Foundation and recruitment.

Collection: Beta Mu Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 1981

Theta Chapter to Mrs. Wm. Beckemeier and the Executive Board of Alpha Phi International Memo, May 1978

Theta Chapter outlines the many reasons that the chapter deserves the Outstanding Collegiate Chapter Award, including numerous achievements, activities, and strong relationships with other Greek organizations on the University of Michigan campus.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: May 1978

Zeta Xi Chapter Installation Luncheon Program, February 2, 1980

This program includes a schedule of events for the installation as well as the luncheon menu and a list of the chapter's charter members.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Feb 2nd, 1980