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Alpha Phi International Fraternity Executive Board Standing Rules and Policy Statements Information Packet, 1990-1992

This information packet describes various Alpha Phi Fraternity rules and policies that apply to all chapters.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 1990 - 1992

Alpha Phi Resources Information Sheet, January 1991

This information sheet describes various Alpha Phi Fraternity documents. These documents include the Alpha Phi Constitution, Collegiate Chapter Operations Manual, and House Corporation Manual.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: Jan 1991

Beta Epsilon Chapter Scrapbook, 1989, Page 39

This page features two photographs of Beta Epsilon Chapter members wearing blue shirts at a new member event.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1989

Beta Gamma Chapter Life and Campus Activities Scrapbook, Page 57

This page contains three clippings, one with a photograph of three Beta Gamma Chapter members contemplating a new parking meter, one describing a hazing incident involving a student from the Colorado School of Mines, and one with a photograph of Sherry Jordan at work at the Woolco Electronics Center.

Collection: Beta Gamma Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1960 - 1969

General Outline of Emergency Procedure Plan Information Sheet

This information sheet outlines Alpha Phi's emergency procedures.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection

Greek Life: A Preparation for the Future

This video created by the University of Maryland features two staff members describing the school's new plan to revitalize the fraternity community on campus.

Collection: Audio-Visual Collection

Icy Reception Given Co-eds Newspaper Clipping, September 6, 1906

This newspaper clipping documents that many women are not admitted into Stanford University due to the university's policy to limit the number of female students to 500. This clipping also discussed the hazing ban at Stanford University.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Sep 6th, 1906

Leadership Binder, Page 50

This binder page is a letter written by Theta Chapter President Greta Grass to District Governor Ann Timmons. The fourth page of this letter describes Theta Chapter's officers.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: Oct 15th, 1995

Margery "Didgie" Davis Scrapbook, Page 75

This page contains a newspaper clipping about the end of "freshman rules"at American University.

Collection: Archive Collection

The Bond: Your Guide to Fraternity and Sorority Life, 2016-2017

This guide includes information about each fraternity and sorority operating on the University of Arizona campus, including Alpha Phi.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 2016 - 2017

The Ivy Leaf an Introduction to Alpha Phi Booklet, 2000

The Ivy Leaf booklet serves as an introduction for new members to Alpha Phi Fraternity's mission, regulations, and history.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: 2000

Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Policy Manual, March 25, 1990

This manual contains information about Theta Chapter's rules and policies including contracts, financial and standards policies, and chapter house rules. Also see the policy manual notes.

Collection: Theta Chapter Archive Collection
Date: Mar 25th, 1990

Theta Tau Chapter "These Hands Don't Haze" Photograph, September, 21, 2016

Theta Tau Chapter members Cameron Dias, Hannah Merrow, Samantha Bliss, and Abigail Dooley participate in their University Panhellenic's anti-hazing campaign.

Collection: Alpha Phi Digitization Days Collection
Date: Sep 21st, 2016

Unidentified Convention Workshops Cassette Tape

This cassette tape from an unidentified Convention features discussions about the Fraternity's standing rules, chapter recruitment, Alpha Phi's master insurance plan, and the current focus on redecorating and updating chapter houses.

Collection: Audio-Visual Collection