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Georgia Neese Clark Gray

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Jean Guerrero to Alpha Phi Alums Letter, September 1977

Jean Guerrero writes to Tucson Alumnae Chapter members about upcoming events and activities.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: Sep 1977

Sally Grant to Shelley Hesse Letter, November 20, 1979

Sally Grant writes to Shelley Hesse to discuss some of the challenges of extension in the south.

Collection: Beta Mu Chapter Archive Collection
Date: Nov 20th, 1979

Tender, Weber, Sher, and Tupesis Photograph, c. 1993-1995

Theta Pi Chapter members (left to right) Kim Tinder, Nicole Weber, Tracy Sher, and Melissa Tupesis pose together outside.

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1993 - 1995

Tucson, Arizona Magazine Clipping, 1980

This clipping from the WInter 1980 issue of the Quarterly provides an update from the Tucson Alumnae Chapter.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1980

Alpha Phi University of Alabama Scrapbook, Page 7

This page contains a program from the 1953 Georgia vs. Alabama Homecoming football game and a newspaper clipping describing the game.

Collection: Beta Mu Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: Oct 31st, 1953

Alumnae Letters: New Grays Harbor Group

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: Oct 1951

Beta Tau Chapter Scrapbook, 1970s-1980s, Page 17

This page features a photograph and two newspaper clippings covering Beta Tau Chapter members at the 1978 Indiana University Regatta.

Collection: Beta Tau Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1978

Beta Gamma of Alpha Phi Scrapbook, Page 45

This page contains three newspaper clippings discussing finalists for the CU Days King and Queen, upcoming plans for fraternity and sorority spring formals, and preparations for the annual Phi Delt Turtle Race.

Collection: Beta Gamma Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1954 - 1958

An Evening of Fashion Program, 1979

This program lists the Beta Epsilon Chapter and Delta Chi members who participated in a 1979 fashion show.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1979

Alumnae Letters: Georgia: Georgia Heart Association Honors Alumnae

Collection: Archive Collection
Date: 1958

Alpha Phi Memories Scrapbook, Page 17

This page contains a newspaper article about Good Neighbor Day and two photographs of Epsilon Chi Chapter members at the event.

Collection: Epsilon Chi Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: 1990 - 1991

Alpha Phi Ivy League Alumnae Scrapbook, Page 95

This page contains an invitation to a tea held by Beta Epsilon Chapter in honor of Verna Ostrum and four photographs from the event.

Collection: Beta Epsilon Chapter Scrapbook Collection
Date: Sep 28th, 1980