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In 1872, the first women to attend Syracuse University decided that it was not enough to merely participate in the classroom. Denied admission to the men’s fraternities, several of these women chose to create their own fraternity for women - Alpha Phi. For more than 150 years, Alpha Phi has preserved a wealth of historical materials, including member photographs, letters, meeting notes, scrapbooks, jewelry, and more. Previously, these artifacts have lived at the Executive Office or with individual chapters, but now these artifacts are also being preserved digitally and made available on this dynamic site in order to share the Fraternity’s history with current and future generations.
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Learn about major events and trends throughout the history of Alpha Phi since its founding in 1872.

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More than 268,000 women have become members of Alpha Phi throughout its history and 224 collegiate chapters have been established, 175 of which are active today. Search by collegiate chapter or individual member.