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Epsilon Zeta

Central Michigan University

Dec 6th, 1969

Founding Date

December 6 and 7 were eventful days as Alpha Phi installed Epsilon Zeta chapter at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Omega Chi local sorority, as Alpha Phi’s newest chapter was previously called, was founded by eight women desiring a union with others sharing common ideals and principals much the same as those of Alpha Phi. Nancy Decker Lenzen (Gamma-DePauw), District IV Governor, and Martha Watkins Mast (Beta Nu-Duke), Alumnae Chairman-District IV East, made the initial visit to the university for Alpha Phi on November 13, 1968. On March 12, 1969, Omega Chi was notified that its petition had been accepted, and the group was now Epsilon Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi. The members were ribbon pledged March 15, by Christine Williams, Coordinator of Chapter Development. Formal pledging took place March 27, with Beta Beta chapter, conducting the ceremony. The installation weekend began with an inspirational ceremony for the collegiate and alumnae initiates on Friday evening, December 5 at St. John’s Episcopal Church. The initiation was held the next day at the Holiday Inn. Members of Delta Eta conducted the initiation of the nineteen collegiates and six alumnae. That afternoon, the Adrian members presented a model chapter meeting. Saturday night the new initiates were honored at a banquet at the Holiday Inn with Bette Giordano Stookesberry (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado), Extension Coordinator, serving as toastmistress. Miss Barbara Bechtell, Associate Dean of Students, extended a welcome to the new chapter from the university. Welcomes were also extended by Mary Boyd on behalf of Alpha Phi International and by Mary Ann Goethel, Delta Eta chapter president, who represented all collegiate Alpha Phis. Martha Pollard, president of the new chapter, gave a response to the welcomes. Elinor Davis (Gamma-DePauw) gave the main address. The Loving Cup Ceremony, led by Mary Boyd, ended the eventful day.


Sunday morning the initiates attended services at the Presbyterian Church. That afternoon, the charter for the new chapter was signed and presented by Mary Boyd to Martha Pollard at a reception for parents and friends held in the lounge of Sloan Panhellenic Dormitory.