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Beta Rho

Washington State University

Sep 6th, 1945

Founding Date

When the Executive Board chose the state college of Washington as a field for expansion, they were greatly impressed with the many fine women they interviewed at the college. Alpha Phi urged for immediate approval. The Board of Governors voted favorably and accepted their program. The City Panhellenic prepared a list of certain women for Alpha Phi to interview. After meeting and talking with them, the alumnae telephoned to all parts of the state for recommendations for the women that may become Alpha Phis. On Sunday they met the women in a group, and that night, at midnight, they delivered the bids. 


Monday afternoon at two o’clock they greeted their new members. On May 28, 15 excited and happy women were formally initiated. When the idea for an Alpha Phi chapter at Pullman came about, a group of ladies got together to create the alumnae chapter. These would be the original charter members. Some of the alumnae were Alpha Phi alumnae from other universities. Some of them were college graduates who were initiated as alums so that they could become the Corporation Board and the alumnae chapter to support the new collegiate chapter.